I’m a visual artist working mainly with ceramic.
I’m just trying to undertsand the mystery of life.

“Fanny Richard returns with force to sculpture. Today she is committed to treating the face as a body fragment but above all as a symbol of identity and as a privileged space for emotional manifestations. The face incarnates the particular in the universal and gives to see the emotions which either cross successively an individual, or result from different experiences. Through the theme of the face, Fanny Richard is interested in the determinisms (socio-political, environmental ...) that shape the temperaments and expressions of each person. She expresses this variable through the material itself, by premeditating conflicting relationships (black stoneware and porcelain, engobes under or over glaze) that inevitably lead to cracks, gaps, expected, tamed and accentuated. Sometimes, the modelled face is turned over to reveal to the gaze of the other the mise en abîme of a deep intimacy, in all transparency and vulnerability. Often, threads, wefts, grids, fragile, tangled and irregular, always assimilated to the link or to his desire, come to embellish these unique ovals. Fanny Richard thus pursues the experimental path that has always guided her.”

Stéphanie le Follic-Hadida in catalog C14-PARIS 2020-2021



2020 / C14, Paris REPORTé (POSTPONED) 2021
2019 / Saint Sulpice céramique , Paris

2018 / Périmètre, FRACAS Gallery- Bruxelles

2017 / Double chance, Galerie des Ateliers de paris, Paris
Double chance, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris
Puces du design, Parc des expositions, Paris

2016 /
Hand-Made, FRACAS Gallery- Bruxelles
Expo Duo, Galerie EtCeraTerra- Lyon
Biennale Emergences , CND, Pantin

2015 / Aosando Art Fair,  Tokyo JAPON
 DeCoux-Richard, Galerie 3e parallèle- Paris
A TAble!, La Nef, Montpellier

2014 / C 14, Paris
Lignes de vie, Galerie Goutte de terre- Paris
Les journées de la céramique, Place St Sulpice-Paris
Biennale Emergences, CND, Pantin
Festival de céramique, Village Mouffetard, Paris

2013 / Résonances, Strasbourg
L'Appartement, Boutique Talents- Paris
Hors Série, Espace des Blancs-Manteaux, Paris
D’Days, Viaduc des arts, Paris

2012 / Sons et respirations, Galerie Collection- Paris
Céramique 14, Paris
Ceramic Event IV, Bruxelles

2011 / Collective, Galerie Belartvita -Enghien les bains


2009 / Bachelor Céramique - ESAV La Cambre, Bruxelles
2008 / Licence Professionnelle Design de mode et environnement - ESAA Duperré Paris

2007 / BTS Design de mode et environnement, textiles, matériaux, surfaces - ESAA Duperré Paris